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Research and writing is a central activity for the undergraduate and graduate student. Excellent writing within the academic environment relies on the depth and quality of the research material and the research process. The ability to navigate the plethora of online academic and professional databases can result is a substantial time-savings for students at all levels. Furthermore, refining one's research topic, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, ensures that the time required to thoroughly research that topic can be reduced. Graduate students working on their thesis or dissertation must also take care to select the most appropriate research methodology with the understanding that, at the broadest level, research methodologies are either quantitative or qualitative in character. Quantitative research methodologies typically involve some type of statistical analysis such as ANOVA while qualitative methodologies usually involve the case study, action research, or similar method. Finally, writing in the academic environment also requires the proper usage of an accepted citation system such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or Chicago-Turabian, for example. These are primarily parenthetical citation systems meaning that the author and other data is included in the text at the point of the citation while Chicago-Turabian is a footnote system meaning that the author and related data is included at the bottom of the page or, alternatively, as endnotes at the back of the document. We have assembled a site that aims to offer you all the background information you would require in better understanding the academic and professional research and writing process.

China Doll’s model research papers are custom written from start to finish. Research papers require an attention detail and proper citation that other forms of writing do not require. Originality and quality are two of the most important criteria that China Doll’s writers adhere to.  

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All of China Doll’s writers have a minimum of a graduate degree as well as academic and professional experience in a given field or specialty. There are some research paper companies that claim to guarantee grade or marks but do not fall into that trap since no company can realistically guarantee grades and marks. It is impossible to guarantee a grade or a mark because every college and university is somewhat different in its requirements. Additionally, even within colleges and universities, the format and requirements for written research changes from professor to professor. What China Doll does guarantee you is a well-written, well-cited research project or custom paper.

Among some of the more common research papers that China Doll produces are book reports, essays, book reviews, presentations (with PowerPoint Slides if necessary), case studies, as well as ghost writing services, business plan, term, grant, essay writing, thesis outlines, dissertation outline and much more... China Doll’s writers are true paper masters!

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